Experienced polyglot engineer with a focus in JavaScript and Ruby. Comfortable in multiple layers of an application’s stack with the most experience coming in back-end development.


Why 82?

A web project highlighting which games in the NBA’s busy 1,230-game schedule (30 teams, 82 games each) are worth actually watching. The idea is to find games that should be entertaining while ignoring games that are more likely to be one-sided blowouts involving lackluster teams.


A wrapper around the AWS CloudFormation Node.js API that monitors the progress of the CloudFormation commands while providing smart logging. The intent is to remove a lot of boiler-plate code to poll the progress of a stack.

Harris County Bookings Data Gathering

An Open Austin serverless project that accumulates the booking information published in Harris County’s daily JIMS 1058 reports into a search-friendly format. The intent is to aide non-profit organizations looking to do data research across time spans greater than a day.


A simple tool to ease the management of multiple Vagrant machines in different directories. Timbrel changes the current working directory for Vagrant commands in order for them to be passed to the appropriate virtual machine.


A Ruby gem containing boilerplate code to add common Rake tasks to a Chef cookbook project’s Rakefile. The name is attempting to deliver yet another cooking pun to the Chef ecosystem - perhaps a poor attempt.